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It's your home and your elevator. If you have the ability to repair, replace or install your residential elevator, sub-systems or components and such activity has not been deemed illegal in your state, VCS has the support you need. If you are the do-it-yourself (DIY) homeowner and you need some support with an elevator, call us.
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Hydraulic Elevator Machine
Hydraulic Elevator Pump Unit
Does your residential elevator pump unit make noise, resonate and vibrate the house. The man behind VCS has experience with this. Some manufacturers in attempt to keep the floor space required for the pump unit to a minimum unwittingly created a unit that will make a resonance that can shake the house. This short fat version, pictured, is quiet. We have detail drawings for this pump unit.
VCS builds Custom Controllers using a combination of new and used components keeping the cost as low as possible while constructing a compliant, reliable and nonproprietary elevator control.
Residential Elevator Controller
Tape Selector Landing Control System
VCS produces field effect selector landing control systems. the selector sensor array and interface may be configured to meet most any application in the elevator industry.
Note: For safety the driving machine should conform to the American National Standards Institute safety code for elevators and escalators. That is ANSI/ASME A17.1 Driving Machines: General Requirements. (a) Types of Driving Means.The driving means shall be one of the following types: (1) traction (2) winding drum (3) direct plunger hydraulic (4) roped hydraulic (5) screw machine (6) chain drive. A winding drum type is not a winch and a chain drive type is not a chain hoist. VCS cannot provide controls for such insufficient drives. However a forklift mast may be considered a roped hydraulic type and an overhead crane hoist is a winding drum type. A gear motor may be used to create a traction, winding drum, or a chain drive type. So there are many safe options to choose from for the creative Do-It-Yourself (DIY) home owner.