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As a brief introduction to VCS and myself, my first experience with controllers and logic was working on offshore oil production platforms. The offshore pneumatic systems of the day bear no resemblance to elevator controls, but the logic was somewhat similar.

Having been employed in various industrial fields, I have acquired the knowledge base of constructing, maintaining, and repairing elevator and industrial machine controls.  I am now aspiring to pioneer my own business of providing safe and reliable control system for residential and LULA elevators. The majority of problems that arise in the proper operation of a residential elevator, generally center on the control system.

I have personally built hundreds of plc-based elevator controllers and overseen the manufacture of several hundred other controllers.  I was responsible for the development and labeling of these controllers in accordance with the requirements of ANSI A17.5 1996 and UL 508A.  Along the way, I successfully developed several magnetic tape selectors.  All of the controller and selector development was in furtherance of the residential and LULA driving machines I was charged with developing.

With the knowledge and experience I have acquired, I am now aspiring to pioneer my own business in the field of elevator and industrial machine controls. Not only am I adept in this field, but I enjoy interacting and being of assistance to individuals needing support.

Your interest and/or curiosity in VCS are appreciated, and I welcome any questions you may have.

Emil Kleinfeld